Cats Inc No More Starving Animals

Cats Inc No More Starving Animals

The C.A.T.S., Inc. animal food pantry serves not only cats and dogs but their caretakers as well. Homeless people with animals, veterans, seniors on fixed incomes, senior facilities, rescues, and shelters of all kinds are recipients of our program.

Business Details

Our most important mission during this recession is to provide free animal food to those people in the Las Vegas community who are under served. We have no paid staff, including ourselves, or grants of any kind. It is strictly an act of kindness, love and dedication for ALL animals. We donate as much if not more dog food than cat food to our community.

Henry and Louise Colucci have dedicated most of their lives to helping and rescuing animals. Evenutally they took their passion a step further and on December 14, 1998 C.A.T.S. Inc. was founded as a 501(c). C.A.T.S. Inc. stands for "Colucci's Animal Trappers and Savers" as their original mission involved trapping and spaying/neutering feral cats, as well as feeding and watering various feral cat colony sites.

While the mission has changed, their dedication remains strong as ever. Currently, Henry and Louise maintain a pantry by collecting and distributing animal food to underserved communities in Las Vegas.

Contact Information

Visit Us On our website: C.A.T.S., Inc. Animal Food Pantry.

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